Ode to Ota Benga
by Lester Allyson Knibbs, Ph.D.
(formerly Hakeem Muhammad)

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"Ode to Ota Benga"
Note:  The following categories (except the first, "Ota Benga," and the last, "History of The Congo and Africa"), the order in which they appear, and the bibliography itself (for the most part) are copied from Ota Benga: The Pygmy in the Zoo by Phillips Verner Bradford and Harvey Blume.  Overview of events in the Congo 1885-1908.

Ota Benga
Samuel Phillips Verner
Slave-Trade and Slave Traders
Belgian Rule

Presbyterian Missionaries versus King Leopold

The St. Louis Fair
World’s Fairs

Jazz and Carnival in New Orleans

Coney Island
The American Museum of Natural History and the Bronx Zoo
The Howard Colored Orphan Asylum
Anne Spencer

Roger Casement
History of The Congo and Africa

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