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(formerly known as Hakeem Muhammad)
Essays, Poems and Short Fiction

"Bodily Marks"
"I'm Going to See My Mother"
"Mary Had a Baby"
"Twelve Differences Between the Bible and the Qur'an"
"in memoriam 9/11"
"Preserving African American History"
"sweet music"
"wasn't he?"
"False Christ in the Age of European Domination"
"Birth by Volcanic Ejection"
"Scrutinizing the Qur'an"
"still life (with serpent)"
"stage play"
"introducing myself"
"do not attack babylon"
miscellaneous old poems
"preface to an 800-page book"
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Expressions 1981
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Name Change Explanation
Physical Reality & The World Order
Son of Mary & History
Abused Child Syndrome
Music in African American Styles drawn from the Classical Repertoire
Bible and Qur'an, Comparative Study
Twelve Differences Between the Bible and the Qur'an
Scrutinizing the Qur'an
Congo Project
Ode to Ota Benga
False Christ
False Christ in the Age of European Domination
Beethoven's Christmas Sonata
Discussion of Beethoven's piano sonata #31, opus 110