introducing myself

by Lester Allyson Knibbs
(formerly Hakeem Muhammad)

this  is  (s)not  jazz

i am an
all i haf to do is
blow my nose
and they call it

i have studied the works of
bach beethoven brahms and bartok
mozart haydn schubert chopin liszt
sibelius and khachaturian

but genetic predetermination
causes my fingers to play
joplin morton waller hines
ellington basie tatum powell
monk weston and tyner
et cetera et cetera et cetera
without any study whatsoever
after all iím black negroid colored
or whatever you want to call it
and we all got natural ( Ö nevermind)

( Ö whatever)

iím going to play the piano

this  is  (s)not  jazz

June 3, 1998
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