With the Name of the Gracious and Compassionate
Creator of the Heavens and the Earth
Mary Had a Baby
by Lester Allyson Knibbs, Ph.D.
(formerly Hakeem Muhammad)
"and We (the Creator of the heavens and the earth) made the son of Mary and his mother a sign "
Qur'an 23:50

" and you will find nearest in friendship to the believing Muslims those who say, 'We are Christians' "
Qur'an 5:82
"Mary had a baby, yes Lord!" (traditional spiritual)

Mary had a baby.  And every year, we have a season to honor the birth of Mary's baby and to rejoice in his birth.

When the son of Mary became a man, he said (among other things), "You cannot serve God and money" (Matthew 6:24, NRSV).  And every year, we have a season to worship money in excess, all the while claiming to serve God and honor Mary and her baby.

When the son of Mary was asked which is the greatest commandment, he said:

"'You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.'

"This is the greatest and first commandment.

"And the second is like it:  'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.'

"On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets."
Matthew 22:36-40 (NRSV)

Every year, all year, we live as if Capitalism or Communism or some other "ism" is "all the law and the prophets".  What the son of Mary said means that the entire basis of human life is contained in these two commandments.

We are living in the Age of European Domination.  Starting in 1415, the Europeans have conquered the world.  Seemingly, this is their day.  Actually, it is always the Creator's day.  But the Europeans have given us a picture of a European man and told all the world, "This is the son of Mary, the son of God, and God himself in the flesh."  So now when any African, Asian, or South American sees a European, the heart is saying, "This is God."  And when we think of our Creator, the heart is seeing a European.

They have made themselves the judge of this world and of the next, masters of heaven as well as of earth.  Not so, but it is true in our hearts.  This violates the first commandment.  Then, adoring the European so much, we fail to love and respect our individual selves and each other.  This violates the second commandment.

Our yearnings for freedom and justice, for peace and prosperity cannot be satisfied without obeying both commandments.

Let us observe our annual Jesus Day by remembering the son of Mary in his true significance.

Remember?  Mary (the society) was not supposed to have a baby (new leadership).  No man (old leadership) had touched her.  But she had that baby anyway.  Then they slandered her ("outside agitators", "communists", "Arabs", "terrorists").  Then the baby spoke.

I am convinced that we, the African-American people sent here to the "belly of the beast" by our Creator we are Mary's baby.
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